Environmental Policy

At Scalby Close Park we believe it is our duty to care for the environment and although  our aim is to provide a quality service for our customers, at the same time we aim to minimize the impact our business has on the environment and to this by.

  • Avoiding the use of  possible hazardous material where ever possible
  • Promoting the efficient use of water, gas, electricity and raw materials
  • Reduce – reuse and recycle – glass,tins plastic bottles and newspapers and where possible  to reduce  litter on site.
  • Promoting the local bus service and local walks
  • Developing a wildlife areas on the park
  • Promoting the natural heritage and biodiversity of our park and the surrounding area.
  • Encourage use of breathable groundsheets
  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning products
David Bellamy  Conservation Award 2006 Gold

In 2006 Scalby Close Park achieved gold, proving our commitment to working with the environment and encouraging local flora and fauna.

We are committed to continue to improve where possible our environmental performance and impact and making resource efficiency our first priority.